Word Up, series 2, episode 4

Fellow Somethin’ Elser Nicky Birch recently invited me onto her monthly arts podcast, Word Up, as a voice of digital-stuff and token boy. You can listen to it now.

Develop’s 30 under 30

I’ve wanted to make computer games since I was titchy, so being chosen as one of Develop magazine’s 30 under 30 for the coming year is a Big Deal. I feel very fortunate that I get to make games as a job.

So cheers Develop, and SE; you’ve made 7-year-old-me super mega happy.

Duncan the Allergic

Hurrah! My favourite wizard (Duncan the Allergic) has been featured in Wizard Week 2011 on People I Know. LOOK. Thanks, Timothy Winchester!

Off The Wall Post, episode 6

Last Monday I had the incredible, unprecedented and rather special honour to be the first ever guest on the Off The Wall Post podcast. Presented by my pals Baz, Kat and Dan the recording was a lot more anarchic than I’d expected from listening to the polished brilliance of past episodes.


A 30 second film I made last weekend. It’s the re-enactment of a childhood conversation about DARES as performed by two ornamental cows. You should definitely watch it.

Go on.

I dare you.